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eFront Pro - Craft Courses

LearnersplatformTM -  facilitating the teaching and learning process for desirable coutcomes.

SHSLearnersplatformTM, is a lite version of Learnersplatform adapted for Individual Learning and Personalisation of learning in a challenging environment with less resourses.  It is  Next Generation Learning and Content Management System. One which has left the competition trying to catch up.

It is transforming the teaching and learning experience by reducing redundancy, increasing efficiency, personalizing content and shortening time-to-task.  Content is created once and distributed many times over multiple outputs: performance support, print, presentations, mobile, eLearning and blended learning.

eFront Pro - Gamification

Below is a summary of features LearnersplatformTM offers both Learners and Instructors:

Content Management

Content Friendly

Re-use your best content on multiple courses. Import useful material from the web to enhance them even further.

Assessment Engine

Native support for multiple types of questions, quizzes, and tests with extensive reporting on all results.

Surveys engine

Conduct custom surveys among users. Collect useful data on employee engagement and course efficiency.

Built-in support for the most widely used content interoperability standards to enrich your courses and enhance your learners’ experience.


Allow learners to submit assignments in different formats. Set conditions and deadlines according to course rules and prerequisites.


Create original interactive HTML5 content within your platform with Learnersplatform native H5P editor.

Re-usable content

Courses can comprise of new and shared eLearning material. Pull content from your lessons library or clone single units directly into courses.

Courses Repository

Choose from ready-made courses or your university courses repository on a wide variety of topics.

Files repository

Keep all your files stored in one place. Organize and reuse content files in different courses or share them with selected users.


Issue multi-purpose certifications with different expiration policies. Readily support any compliance training scenario.

Course rules

Control the way users access your eLearning content. Define course order, completion conditions, and course prerequisites.

eFront Pro - Easy tracking and reporting

Learning Delivery

Learning paths

Assign courses to be taken in a specific order based on user attributes and your Learner's requirements.

Blended learning

Boost learner engagement. Combine eLearning content with instructor-led training, whether classroom-based or via teleconference.


Package related courses into curriculums or Programmes eg. MSc. Computing Science and assign them to users and branches.

Gamification-Innovatively used for continuous assessment

Gamify your learners’ experience. Let them collect points and badges, move up levels, and feature high on leaderboards. This has been adapted to innovative continuous assessment scenarios

Rich communication tools

Native support for internal email, calendars, discussion forums and comments.

Videoconference support

Promote interactive group learning and real-time collaboration Web-ex, BigBlueButton, Zoom and Webinar integrations.

Mobile learning

Optimized for mobile devices and offline compatible to deliver courses and micro-learning content anytime and anywhere, even when there is no internet access.


eFront Pro - Evaluation

Benefits to Students: Value of SHSLearnersplatform TM

  • Organization – features like Calendar, Course Catalogue, Groups, Notifications help keep you organized and be more efficient
  • Collaboration – Discussion boards, Billboard, Announcements, Blogs, Emails, Whiteboards allow teachers and students to interact, work together and work with others. 
  • Learnersplatform - in general, allows students and teachers to create and interact instead of students just observing.
  • Personal Learning Network (PLN) - learning and sharing what you know.
  • Individual Learning Paths(ILPs)-learning is tailored to individual specific needs (saves time, reduces repetition, allows for differentiation and personal development, talent development)
  • Virtual labs, trips - take your students to places they would never get to see otherwise, do labs and experiences with them the 'virtual realities', even when you don't have the supplies or equipment.
  • Free online virtual labs and simulations instead of paying for licenses or lab equipment.
  • Save time and money.
  • Electronic assignment posting and submission, attendance, note taking, etc. has saved money on grade books and paper (and allowed stakeholders to keep track of their student's performance)
  • A student in an area with unreliable internet access, “I am able to access my courses offline on my mobile devices anytime and anywhere, even without internet access, I could not believe it at first, what more can I ask for?”.